CheapFoodHere.com was born in Charlotte, NC back when I was young, had guts and quit my job during the start of a recession in 2007. I had big plans, but needed to stay on a strict budget to make ends meet. I found Dave Ramsey and learned how to have a zero-based budget and wanted to document my food explorations all along the way; the delicious, the horrible and everything in between.

That’s what you’ll get here, a taste of a novice foodie turned slightly better than novice foodie, thanks to the Rouxbe.com online cooking school. I’m happy you’re here and glad you’re also trying to stick to a budget without defaulting to rice and beans or ramen noodles every night. You don’t have to be totally unimaginative when you’re cooking for you or your family just to save money. Be resourceful, stay focused, and please for Pete’s sake – follow these 5 simple rules for saving money on your food budget (or these 5).

Where do I find cheap food? Right here.

  1. ed devlin III
    August 24, 2009

    Dear Ms. Blevins–I very much enjoy what you’ve published about CR. I don’t live there but have a lot of friends who do. Could I ask in the future to post contact info (address CR-style, tel # or whatever) for the restaurants, etc. you mention–Donde El Che most particularly?

    warm regards,
    Ed Devlin III

  2. admin
    September 1, 2009

    Thanks for your comment Ed. The problem here is that there really aren’t addresses, but more like directions. But unfortunately, I’m bad with directions so I do the best I can. I’ll try and give better landmarks and phone number to help find the place. Thanks again!

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