The first US magazine dedicated to food and wine, first published in 1941 is ceasing it publication after the November issue. Condé Nast, the worldwide publisher of magazines such as Bon Appétit, Modern Bride, Vogue, Glamour, Wired and Vanity Fair, just to name a few. Apparently some of their other magazines will be suffering the same fate as ad revenue has fallen in result of the recession. Condé Nast participated in a McKinley study to analyze each of their magazines’ performances and suggested they cut 25% of their budget for each.

Chefs all over the world have been directly impacted by the magazine over the years. “Before I even was a professional cook I read their reviews, and it shaped who I was as a chef,” e-mailed chef Paul Kahan of Blackbird, Avec and The Publican. “It is sad that one of the most truly food-focused magazines is gone.”

“It’s the center of gravity, a major planet that’s just disappearing,” said chef and author Anthony Bourdain, who said Gourmet was the first food publication to give him a chance as a writer. “There’s been a lot of speculation about this happening, but I’m still stunned.”

Some are of the opinion that a publication once filled with rich food writing has reduced its depth to travel and gadget articles. Overall, the publication will be missed as it’s a piece of history that all of us foodies, old and young, have had a taste of. Goodbye Gourmet Magazine.

Gourmetsm Gourmet Magazine

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