Not that it’s actually ‘ours’ per se, but we’ve never blogged about an iPhone app although it turns out there are a LOT of them out there. Whether you need to search where a restaurant is or check the nutritional value, there’s an app for it.

But, so far the iLickit is the most ridiculous and entertaining. I’ve never actually seen someone using the app aside from the video, but I would love to hear about someone who has, and if you can get a video of it, even better. It’s weird and only as sanitary as your iPhone and it’s not surprising that Americans are obsessed (as they are with eating). Please don’t eat your iPhone people, but if you get hungry and need a little snack, forget gum or a lollipop, just whip out your iPhone and iLickit.

The app is a race to see how fast you can lick your plate clean and you can choose from a variety of foods/dishes. With some fancy tongue-work and various skillful licking techniques, you’ll be faster at the real thing in no time. I wonder if Kobayashi is using this for training for the next hot dog-eating contest.