One of the things I do with my neighbors in Charlotte every week is share cheap food; group dinner style. We decide on a theme early in the week and send out an email to coordinate who brings what. The host takes care of the main dish and everyone else brings something. If this is done right, and you establish a budget, it can save everyone money.

This week was Asian night. In my opinion, it could be Asian night every week and I would love it (see my previous post about my love for Asian food markets). The menu included a staple recipe of honey jalapeño cilantro chicken pasta, crab rangoons, Thai salad with spicy ginger peanut dressing, Thai summer rolls, and an almond mandarin gelatin for dessert. If you are feeling froggy, like our group tends to do, we made mai-tais and a limeaide spritzer.

It is just great to get our friends together that have the same goals and just let loose. One of my favorite themes for pot luck dinners is “Dishes under $5”. You can’t lose, and it forces everyone to get creative. Feel free to comment about your latest cheap food group dinner experience. Happy cheap eating, together!