This breakfast burrito post is to compliment the previous post about jalapeño and onion frites, which is actually just a fancy name for home fries. I wanted to make a breakfast burrito with frites inside, and after trying out this new creation, it will stay on the menu at our house. This will be a quick post but I wanted to give each part of the breakfast it’s own, well-deserved, glory.

Start by making the frites:

jalapeno onion frites

To complete each breakfast burrito:


4 ripe cherry tomatoes (from the garden are the best)
2 eggs (free-range of course)
1 medium flour tortilla
1 tsp Tapatio (or your favorite hot sauce)
1/2 C fresh frites


1. Slice the cherry tomatoes into 4 thin slices
2. Heat a fry pan to medium high heat and cook the tortilla until slightly browned on both sides

breakfast burrito prep

3. While the tortilla is cooking, fry two eggs in a tsp of oil to temperature (over-medium, over-hard, etc)
4. Assemble burrito on a place by placing the tortilla on the bottom, next the eggs, followed by the frites and then topped with tomatoes and Tapatio.
5. Make as many breakfast burritos as you need and serve immediately.

breakfast burrito final