In light of the new year and all the resolutions flying around in my head, I’ve decided to commit to one. This year I’ll be participating in the Photojojo Project 365. The plan is to post 365 images of cheap food related visuals. It’s my promise to dedicate myself more this year than ever before on reigning in the food budget and sharing the places, recipes and tricks to living below my means.

What I’ve learned from 2010 is how to navigate my new (used) iPhone to better document my life in terms of food and post them to my Cheapfoodhere Project 365 Flickr gallery. I don’t prefer using the subpar iPhone camera, but it’s something I know I’ll have with me at a moment’s notice and not have to download, tweak and then upload to Flickr. So, please forgive the photo quality and know that more importantly, I want to reflect at the end of 2011 on my food journey while sharing the sweet and the terrible about what I ate during those 365 days. I plan to document people, places and things that meant something to me that day and will help my readers see what Cheap Food Here really is, in a more visual way.

I’ll be adding a gallery for reader-contributed photos so feel free to email me a photo (ashley (at) cheapfoodhere (dot) com) to post or comment with a link to the photo with permission to use it on the site. I can’t wait to see how others will journey through 2011 with Cheap Food Here. Enjoy it!

Cheap Food January Photo Gallery

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